Companies that stand out can make a difference. With the right marketing strategy, you can create impact. Digital marketing campaigns can push you to the top of your game in the playing field, setting you apart from your competitors. Bring it on. 

Targeted digital

marketing campaigns

Filming without strategy is the same as shooting with an empty mag; fruitless and, frankly, a waste of money and time. But with the right techniques, a thought-out strategy and clear targets, you can hit the bull’s eye each and every time. That’s why we swear by digital marketing campaigns.


As a business, you want to be known. Whether it is by your target audience or your competitors, you want to make sure that they know where to find you. Data-driven digital marketing campaigns can help you do so, especially when combined with video. Actually, most digital marketing campaigns nowadays rely on video content. Video is, after all, a tool that can help you introduce your business to your audience, display your offer and persuade viewers to convert. All of that in a personal, professional and – if we might say so – attractive way. If you know how to, that is. Of course, we can help you with that.

Are you looking to…

Make video part of your marketing strategy?

Wow your audience and ensure your message stick with them?

Kijkers om te zetten in converterende klanten

Why BKN?


Service is in our DNA. With our hospitality background and dedication, we strive to make you feel at ease in this new world. Let us take you on a journey through the video universe. We won’t stop until you leave with a video you want to show the world.


Creative, cutting-edge and dynamic. That’s what will help your videos stand out from other video content. We don’t just think outside the box, we like to jump over it (guess our background in extreme sports proves quite useful).



Beautiful footage can fail to make impact when you don’t know which strings to pull. Creating that wow-effect, that thrilling sensation, that is what we aim to do with our productions. Attract, inspire and motivate, each and every time.

Our way of


Brainstorm session


Brainstorming activates the creative process. During this session, we will map your needs and wishes, give you our expert video advice and device a plan. 



Let’s prepare for shooting day. Writing scripts, selecting locations, setting dates, gathering crew members, creating a road map – we take of everything to make sure you can sit back and enjoy the ride while we take the wheel.   

Shooting day


The day is here! Our crew will guide you and your fellow actors/model through the various scenes, making sure we make the most of every shooting moment. This day is all about creativity, fun and efficiency – just the way we work. 



Time to work our editing magic. All the previously shot footage will be spotted and edited, resulting in your custom video content, including branding elements and fitting music/sound effects.

Frequently asked questions and answers

When it comes to digital marketing campaigns, data is the way to go. Data can tell you everything you need to know when trying to engage with your audience and having them convert, too. That is why we work with an experienced digital marketing partner, Digital Movers. With their extensive analyses, we have a solid foundation from which to create converting video content that can be reused in several ways. All of them according to the devised strategy, of course.


Strategy is the key to success when it comes to effective video content. That’s why we rely on the Hero-Hub-Hygiene-model; a funnel in which you go to three phases to turn audiences into converting clients. The first phase, Hero (or ‘Awareness’), is the introduction step, in which viewers will be introduced to your brand. Second, you provide a solution to their problem in the Hub phase (‘Consideration’) of the funnel, before convincing your audience to make a purchase in the Hygiene phase. Using this model does not just give you the perfect framework for excellent storytelling when it comes to your brand, it also provides a clear content strategy that has never proven to fail.

By setting up a digital marketing campaign in combination with video content, you’re no longer shooting with an empty mag and missing your target over and over. Based on the data extracted from extensive marketing analyses and campaign trial runs, you can keep adjusting the content that you release into the world to fit your audience’s needs. The result? Hitting bull’s eye again and again, turning viewers into a community of converting clients.

The Hero-Hub-Hygiene pyramid is the model that is the foundation of every production we shoot. It can help you determine what type of (video) content you can create for specific purposes. During the first phase, called ‘Hero’, you create content that allows your audience to get acquainted with you. This phase can also be seen as the introduction phase. After the introduction, you want to provide your audience with a solution to their problems (yes, even if they’re not aware of said problem) by creating ‘Hub’ content: content that displays what you can do for them. This is the consideration phase, during which your audience will get even better acquainted with your products/services and grow to like your brand even more. Lastly, you want to convince them to become converting clients. That is what the Hygiene phase is for: you create content that will give them everything they need to know in order to actually make the purchase.