Who needs manuals when you have animation? Transforming complex things into simple, clear, and - not to forget - attractive solutions for your audience. Animation is the 21st-century tool that can provide viewers with all the explanations they want and need.

Attractive & explanatory


Whether you opt for 3D animation or 2D animation, such as whiteboard animation, animations give you the opportunity to turn your fantasies into reality. Do you want to create an explosion? Make a three-month-old baby appear to be watching television by themselves? Transform a simple hallway into a gigantic swimming pool? Everything is possible with visual effects, motion graphics, and animation

Does your business cover extensive or complex subjects? Do you produce products or provide services that require a little more explanation? You might want to consider creating an animation.

Animation is a creative, funky and useful tool that can help you idiot-proof your content. Whether it is a process, procedure, construction, product or service you want to showcase, animation can provide a clear, simple overview of everything the viewer needs to know. That way, you make sure your target audience understands the solution you provide to solve their problems. At BKN, we love creating these – what we call - explanimations.

Animation during hybrid events

Did you know animations are the perfect tool for hybrid events? Without the ability of physically explaining the ins and outs of your products/services, using an animation on screen to wow your (online) guests and, in this way, providing them with the solution to their problems with has become the go-to solution. It’s fun, attractive and helps to engage the audience, even from a virtual distance. 

Do you want to …

Introducing your brand

Profiling your company

Presenting something new

Adding personality

Why BKN?


Service is in our DNA. With our hospitality background and dedication, we strive to make you feel at ease in this new world. Let us take you on a journey through the video universe. We won’t stop until you leave with a video you want to show the world.


Creative, cutting-edge and dynamic. That’s what will help your videos stand out from other video content. We don’t just think outside the box, we like to jump over it (guess our background in extreme sports proves quite useful).



Beautiful footage can fail to make impact when you don’t know which strings to pull. Creating that wow-effect, that thrilling sensation, that is what we aim to do with our productions. Attract, inspire and motivate, each and every time.

Our way of


Brainstorm session


What is the message you want to convey to your target audience? What do you want included in the animation? What can you tell us that we need to know? That’s what we will cover during the brainstorm session. We’ll collect all the information we need to create a killer script, the foundation of your animation. Whether you’d like one of our copywriters to write out your story or whether you want to do it yourself, the choice is yours.

Initial design


Time for the next step: design proposals. Based on the script and all additional info and materials, we create up to 3 different style frames to help us determine what your animation will look like. With your input and our creative skills, you will have ample fitting designs to choose from.



This is where the magic happens. Storyboarding is the most essential part of the animation process. We will design your animation frame by frame. Also, we will provide you with several options for both the music and voice-over for your animation.



Once you have agreed on the storyboard, music and voice-over, we will round up the animation process. Still see something you’d like to have changed? No worries; we keep going at it until you’re perfectly and utterly satisfied.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Problem – Solution – Result. That is the foundation of each animation. To ensure that you get the best results with your animation, we think ahead. As your strategic video partner, we help you decide what information to animate to convey your message in the clearest way and book the best results. Your target audience will recognize your product/service as the ultimate solution for their troubles, we’ll make sure of it. Since we understand animation might be a whole new game to you, we want to make this experience as relaxed as possible for you. Yearning for an animation, but don’t know where to start? Don’t hesitate to shower us with your ideas, our creative brains will undoubtedly come up with amazing ways to visualize them.

An animation is a message that is graphically visualized in either 2d or 3d images. You can create a stand-alone animation, but you can also incorporate animation into moving images in the shape of icons and/or elements. The literal definition is images in motion, which can be just as lifelike as actual moving image, depending on the style you pick for your animation. There are also more illustrative animations, such as whiteboard animations.

On average, the best animations are about 60 seconds long. That being said, it completely depends on the content and purpose of your animation how long it should be. Maybe it will provide you with better results if we create multiple animations. Or maybe it just needs to be a bit longer. There is no perfect fit, just the right approach for you.

What happens when I want to make a change to the created animation?
In the storyboarding phase, we welcome all the changes you might want to make. Since this is our designing phase, we can alter frames more easily than when we’ve already put things in motion for the final animation. Sure, we can still make changes then, but it’ll require more of an effort. Therefore, don’t hold back during the storyboarding phase!