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Boudewijn Knuistingh Neven

Boudwijn Knuistingh Neven

This is BKN-Productions, an Online Video Production company that is very dynamic and different in their approach. Are you looking for a video production?
Here anything is possible!!

Boudewijn Knuistingh Neven, founder of BKN-Productions is an extreme sportsman himself. He has managed to combine his passion and love for sport and film. Through his films you are able to feel this passion. Through good quality service and fantastic filming, Monster Energy and Red Bull became their first clients.

After finishing her bachelor business administration in Hotel Management. Davina worked for several companies like Heineken & Groupdeal. Her creative hands- on mentality and commercial background is an add on to all the productions.

Due to their teamwork and diverse backgrounds they have not only been able to build up dynamic videos with high quality but also an affordable experience and service.

Video is a necessity to create brand awareness and help the growth of your company. That’s why our slogan is: Every company wants to BKNown, our belief is to get you shown.

We are the company that can help separate you from your competitors.

Davina Lamberts

Davina Lamberts

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